Monday, March 13, 2017


Monday March 13, 2017


     You’ve heard it said, “Find your treasure-house.” Inside it will be the currency that makes one great in the world to come, stacked to the ceiling like gold bullion in a vault. A vault is designed to be impenetrable save for authorized persons, but your treasure-house is the tabernacle of the Holy Spirit, deep within you. It was meant to feed multitudes. Imagine, if you can, the device neatly stamped into each brick of Kingdom gold: the Great Seal of the Lamb. And underneath, a motto: MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE. What do you think? Kingdom gold would be nearly transparent, resembling glass. Its brilliance would blind you, as you are now. Such is the stuff with which New Jerusalem’s streets are paved! Your place in the Kingdom of Heaven, the place prepared for you personally by our Lord Jesus Christ, will reflect what you have done with the wealth of heaven as allotted to you. You are to invest the Talents (no cash value) you’ve been given in the world around you, as best you can, so that it can be on Earth as it is in Heaven. Like your brothers and sisters in Christ you will be subject to a final audit when the season of your life is over. Your life, from beginning to end, will be an account written in the books sure to be opened when your time to stand before God has come. 

     This shadowy world is a great field of merit. Merit can be thought of as a synonym for God’s grace and specifically the process by which grace seeks out its fullest expansion in us. Merit is added to your account when your “investments” are filled with the life you carry. To be a worker in the field of the Lord is to take in a most beatific crop! Grace is transformative, and the urgency with which it comes into our possession guarantees little to no shelf-life. This is because what we “store up” in our treasure-houses is life itself, the supernatural life we are meant to have to the full. Richness in the Spirit is like a tree whose fruit is both good and abundant. The poor in spirit will be invited into a new life, a new fecundity allowing them to bear good fruit in abundance. 

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