Friday, November 18, 2016

Welcome to Trumpocalypse

Nov. 18, 2016

     So it looks like Mothra Clinton and Godzilla Trump just had an apocalyptic curb-stomp battle down America way. Godzilla prevailed. Mothra is vanquished but may yet return for the next election cycle. The final battle has much of the American landscape in ruins. The Mothra supporters are not taking the loss well, nor are the Godzilla voters being particularly gracious winners. Grace is scarce in the United States, even scarcer than usual. I'm not sure how well the Godzilla supporters would have taken it had Mothra had become President Elect. All I know is that human nature is a constant and our better angels cannot prevail against it forever. 

     These videos below were taken on smartphone as it happened and contain some objectionable behaviour and language from the participants. Understandable, given the circumstances. 

Vanity of vanities ....   

source: CringePlanet

All is vanity!


     And had Mothra (Hillary) won the election, would the Godzilla (Trump) people be losing their minds right now? Does nothing hold sway except the base anger and the primal fear of these children of men? What you saw in those videos is why I don't get involved in politics. (Also, I don't like crowds.) I knew this would be the result no matter who became the next POTUS. The street preacher dude with the megaphone was trying, he really was, but no one in that unruly crowd was even remotely willing to listen to what he was saying. So that was a lot of wasted breath and wasted energy.

     On Wednesday, MSNBC's Jonathan Alter said, “This [Trump's victory] is so, so dispiriting. I think decency lost last night. And that's what's so hurtful about this. Not just that Hillary Clinton lost, but our image of who we are as a people, that we're tolerant, decent people suffered a real setback.” He added: "
We face challenges in the past to our democratic system, throughout American history slavery to, you know, Naziism.”

     I'll leave you with a quote from the American journalist H.L Mencken: 
"Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance."


CringePlanet YouTube channel

Hell shaking street preachers YouTube channel


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