Monday, September 5, 2016

Two Doorways, Two Kingdoms

Sept. 5, 2016

     His final work completed on the cross at Golgotha, Jesus made of himself an open door. (John 10:9(Rev. 4:1Up until that moment, it was a door closed and barred against all of mankind. It was sealed against all forms of religion. The shed blood of the Lamb laboriously turned the tumblers, shot back the bolts, and tortured the hinges of this door so that it could stand open in heaven and offer us a new covenant. (Heb. 9:15) To be a channel of Christ's peace, to have His Holy Spirit live within you, is to make of yourself an open door leading all the way back to Dayspring.

     So many have decided to reign in hell rather than serve in heaven! To search for heaven and hell anywhere but in the immediacy of the moment, Quantum World: Awaken Your Mind contends, is a folly. "The future" seems to be a dismissive reference to the afterlife and more to the point, heaven and hell. This is, of course, a New Age conceit. It's very much John Lennon's "Imagine", no hell below us and above us, only sky. Eternity is the sound-stage on which the things of time, finity, and physical dimension play out. It's all around us, on the other side of the veil. Immanent, yet transcendent. As far as I'm concerned, eternal life runs parallel with this earthly life, hidden behind a veil. Behind that veil is Eternity. When we come to the clearing at the end of the path that is this, our current life, we go through the veil. Right now we see as if through a veil, darkly, but from the other side of that veil we hear and feel the evidence of an eternally joyous celebration ... and maybe this place, of which our five human senses inform us, is but an echo and a shadow of that celebration.


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